Thursday, February 28, 2008

William F Buckley Says Its Ok To Stay Home

William F Buckley one of the founding fathers of the modern day conservative movement made statement most have forgotten. He said, "We want to pass the word that it's OK to vote for the other guy or stay at home." He made that statement in the context of supporting Democrat Joe Lieberman over Senator Lowell Weicker for the Senate in 1988.

The Republican establishment and the liberal media has managed to convince way too many Americans that a moderate John McCain is better suited to lead our country then the true conservative in this race Mike Huckabee. This conspiracy to shut out Huckabee is so glaring to social conservatives that there is an internal debate going on as to what conservatives should do.

The Republican Party establishment that managed to lose the Congress has cast their lot with a moderate John McCain. The thinking is that conservatives have nowhere else to go and they will vote for McCain over far left liberals like Obama and Clinton. The reason given is that McCain will be stronger on the war on terrorism then the liberals. Although, McCain would shut down Guantanamo and considers water boarding terrorist torture which doesn’t speak to highly of his ability to protect Americans.

I will concede John McCain is a war hero, but he is not a conservative. He as harmed the conservative movement and the country for that matter with many of his positions. He tends to side with Democrats more then Republicans which makes him the darling of media liberals and the weak kneed Republican establishment has just gone along to get along. I have been amazed by so-called conservatives jumping on the McCain Train which will end up destroying the conservative movement which William Buckley helped create.

The latest example of McCain’s contempt for conservatives and social conservatives in particular in his refusal to debate Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is an authentic conservative who actually has the single best idea in the campaign which his Fair Tax Plan, which has been virtually ignored in this campaign. Mike Huckabee just doesn’t say he’s pro-life and pro-traditional marriage he is willing to lead with a commitment to traditional social values. Huckabee supports low taxes, less government and supports a strong national defense.

The mantra within the establishment is that Huckabee can not win mathematically therefore he should quit. The fact is that if Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania banded together and voted for Huckabee, it would move the debate to the convention where each side could make its case. The Republican is in desperate need of such a debate after losing Congress.

If McCain refuses to debate and to give the largest portion of the Republican Party a voice and a platform, then it may just be time for social conservatives to follow William F Buckley’s advice and sit out this year’s election. The question is it better to lose today in order to come back stronger tomorrow or is it better to win today and lose the future. The irony is that as things stand today conservatives may lose today and lose tomorrow by supporting John McCain.

I want to end with this statement. If given the opportunity, Mike Huckabee would be a great President whose conservative ideas and principals would win the day. Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania have courage and vote Huckabee!

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