Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe Social Conservatives Should Sit Out Election

Being that the Republican establishment and Talk Radio have decided to coronate John McCain and treat the social conservative base of the party as an unwanted step child as evidenced by their treatment of Mike Huckabee, then why should social conservatives support McCain or the Republican Party?

We Huckabee supporters do not mind if we lose, but what we really resent is being ignored while the race is still going on. Mike Huckabee is a conservative and John McCain is a moderate and for Republicans to not foster a spirited debate between these two men is appalling. To intentionally ignore Mike Huckabee as the establishment has done is deafening and quite revealing as to what the establishment GOP really thinks about us social conservatives.

The question I am struggling with is in the long term for the good of the country and the Republican Party should social conservatives sit out this election to make a point about what happens when the establishment ignores social conservatives; or should we go ahead a vote for a moderate because that’s who the Republican establishment has deemed we should support.

My dream would be for Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania to vote for Huckabee and really shake things up despite all efforts to silence Huckabee and the conservative base. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You are right on. That is what I am thinking too. It may be good for the country for the social conservatives to sit out election. Just like Nadar has done to the democrats.

JohnQ said...

I would certainly like to see social conservatives sit out this election. I would even like to see them sit out all future elections, at least until we've purged the government of religious nuts.