Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mitt Romney Is No Conservative

I will be the first to admit that I am very disappointed that Rush, Sean, Laura and most of Talk Radio decided to cast their lot with Mitt Romney instead of the true conservative in this race Mike Huckabee.

I am not one of those people who will now say that Talk Radio’s influence is over and that they were reputed. I will simply say, they choose the wrong man to support and that they were wrong in this case. Romney’s endorsement of McCain today at this stage of the campaign only proves that for all Romney’s rhetoric about being conservative, he was simply playing the part of a politician and not speaking as a true conservative.

While I clearly think John McCain is a moderate and not a conservative, I have great respect for McCain as a true American hero. I disagree with him on many issues, but if he wins the nomination, I will vote for him over Hillary or Obama unless he chooses Mitt Romney as his running mate.

I have absolutely no respect for Mitt Romney. For all the Romney hype from Talk Radio that decided for whatever reason Romney was a better candidate then Mike Huckabee , Romney proved with his endorsement of McCain that that he was a politician first, a party man second, a quitter third and so-called conservative last. For all the attacks Romney made against both Huckabee and McCain calling them liberal, in the end Romney jumped on the me-too bandwagon to support McCain whom Romney called a liberal just days before.

There is a time to support the party candidate after he or she has got the necessary votes to win the nomination, but Romney’s timing just proves what a fake and fraud he is. The true conservatives that were duped into thinking Romney was a conservative did so with all good intentions. After all Rush, Sean, Laura and the gang promoted Romney as a conservative, therefore Romney had to be a conservative. Right? Well, if King Rush has taught many of us ditto heads one thing, it is to think for our-selves. Many of us conservatives saw through Romney’s scam and threw our support to the true conservative in the race, Mike Huckabee. Rush and others have tried to paint Huckabee as a liberal, but in this case Rush got it wrong. As most of us, we hate to admit we were wrong, but Rush and Talk Radio were simply wrong.

When McCain freed his delegates to vote for Huckabee over Romney in West Virginia, the Romney camp said there was collusion between McCain and Huckabee. The talking heads surmised that McCain struck deal with Huckabee and that McCain was going to select Huckabee as VP after Romney was eliminated. Today the Romney camp is putting out the possibility of a McCain/Romney ticket. If McCain ends up winning the nomination and selects Mitt Romney as his running mate, I will not vote in November election.

Although McCain is not my choice as President, I will support him if he ends up winning the nomination as long as he selects anyone else but Romney. If he selects Romney, me and millions of real conservatives will sit out the election and watch the Republicans go down in flames.


Gil said...

I Totally agree... i was so mad when i saw that romney was endorsing McCain. Huckabee has been cheated throughout the entire race. We need someone running that is a great speaker and leader. And that is Mike Huckabee. If there is a McCain Romney ticket i'm still going to vote... but for dem. which i never thought i would ever do. But I'm still pulling for Huckabee until the end!

Bill Politics said...

I respect Mitt Romney greatly. I'm surprised that you are politically blind when it comes to the true meaning of enforcements. Can't you see why it is important for Romney to support McCain? I don't care for McCain or the stances he takes on most issues, but he is our ONLY hope for keeping a republican in office.

Why is this important? If we want ANY power as a republican party, we must stand together as one. Divided we will fall against the democrats.

You said, "Romney proved with his endorsement of McCain that that he was a politician first, a party man second, a quitter third and so-called conservative last." Actually, what he really proved is that he knows what is good for the republican party and is doing what is best to keep it going. Although he would like to stay in the race and continue to divide the republican party, he knows that it is best to allow one candidate to rise above it all so he can lead and direct the republicans.

Unlike Huckabee, he did drop out because he saw that in crucial times, such as these, we must stand behind a leader and not continue to divide the republican party in the manner that it is being divided.

Although I respect Huckabee and his followers, he continues to divide the republican party by not dropping out. This is what politics is. When you lose, you don't let self-interest or pride continue to push you on. This hurts the body of republicans as some chose to follow the self-interested leader. It takes a real man to stand up and admit that he was beaten and to stand behind his rival, for the bettering of the country.

Although I don't like McCain, he is a better option than voting for one of the democratic candidates. He IS republican and he does share more of our values than the democrats do.

I don't know why Huckabee continues to run (nor does anyone else). Even though Romney dropped out, (which should have given Huckabee a boost) Huckabee still has less delegates than Romney had when he dropped out. He continues to fall short of McCain. I have read some recent articles that have gone as far to say that Huckabee is kind-of like Ralph Nader. (In that he has stayed in the race just picking off delegates to weaken the other candidates.)

Politically, Huckabee was done after South Carolina. All of the political analysts were saying that. And the Super Tuesday wins for some of Huckabee's states were disputed (such as West Virginia) in that McCain's delegates went to support Huckabee, just to take Romney down. How cheap is that.

I have a lot of respect for Huckabee. Nonetheless, I have hard time agreeing with you that he is the 'real' conservative. By looking closely at his record as governor, he did quite a few things that didn't seem to be in line with mainstream conservatism. Not only did he raise taxes, but he issued more commutations and pardons than all of the six neighboring states combined. (a total of 703) These pardons were for none other than murderers, drunk drivers, and rapists who were serving life in prison without parole. Is this a conservative candidate we are talking about?

Also, he put pressure on the state police department to let his son off the 'leash' when his son nearly got into legal problems. Is it ok for someone of high power to pull strings for relatives? No. That is just dishonest.

Although I respect your opinions, I would have to whole-heartedly disagree with you on them. It is time for us to stand united as a republican party and put hurt feelings, grudges, and pride behind us.

alex said...

Wow, I'm really glad you're so willing to just give up the opportunity to vote over something like that. You might not have any respect for Romney, but I have no respect for an American citizen who refuses to vote because he or she doesn't get his or her way.

jesse said...

As supporters of Romney, McCain and the Huckster I can see how those of you commenting so far are not laughing. Not to sound "holier than thou", but as a Ron Paul supporter, you would find the statement "the real conservative Huckabee" is hilarious just like I do.
Again, I do not want to alienate or anger any Romney supporters, and I agree that Huckabee is a "fairly" conservative candidate, but you people are all forgetting who the TRUE CONSERVATIVE really is in this campaign.
I know that Romney did have a lot of conservative support. But thinking that those supporters are going to blindly follow McCain or Huckabee is nonsense. I must say that REAL conservatives back Ron Paul. There is simply NO ARGUMENT of either his policies or his voting history that can be debated.
He not only makes the other fake conservatives in the race look silly, but he makes the all candidates in either party look absolutely FOOLISH when it comes to the economy. That is why it is absurd to my ears hearing that someone could actually switch support from McCain (who's logic and words say he is going to stop spending, yet he supports funding a war we can't win) to supporting Obama/Hillary (who want to increase taxes AND entitlement spending)!!!!!!! I just don't see the logic there? Can someone explain this to me?
Furthermore, can someone please give me one single argument that supports ANY of the plans put forth by ANY of the candidates (with the exception of RP) that is not completely ludicrous??? I mean really? Is there any argument? Not one of them address the issue of inflation?
Please, somebody help me out here? And please, make it an "educated" answer. I have asked my friends this before and generally the only responses people can come up with are personal attacks on Dr.Paul or myself for supporting Dr. Paul. Policy arguments only.....