Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Huckabee Should Stay In Race

Why should Mike Huckabee stay in the race? First, If Obama wins the Democrat nomination, Huckabee competes better with Obama in a general election because Huckabee inspires people both in personality and substance. McCain would win on substance and be destroyed by Obama’s personality. Huckabee has the likability factor, McCain doesn’t.

Second, by the more conservative Huckabee staying in the race, McCain is forced to listen to conservatives. Without conservatives, McCain will lose by a landslide. The problem with casting your lot with Independents is they will shift with the wind and they very well may be carried away by Obama’s inspiring rhetoric. Independents are not rooted in political ideology, but more on personality or specific issues. An Obama-McCain matchup highly favors Obama. An Obama-Huckabee match-up could easily go to Huckabee because not only would he have the conservative base to start with, but his Fair Tax plan and personality could persuade Independents to support him. Once Obama’s positions are explored, his rhetoric may not hold up.

Thirdly, Mike Huckabee should stay in the race because he gives conservatives a choice. Huckabee has more executive experience then anyone in the race. He is a true social conservative that really is pro-life and pro-marriage. His believes in the second amendment and he is a national security and economic conservative. Huckabee is the only one in the race proposing something radically new which is the Fair Tax Plan.

Fourthly, Mike Huckabee should stay in the race for the sake of the conservative future. He gives voice to the conservative cause and while McCain may end up winning the nomination, it is a very distinct possibility the Republican Party may get trounced again in November because they have betrayed the conservative cause and conservative principals. Huckabee will continue to champion the conservative cause and help rebuild a party that has all but abandoned conservatism. Republicans need fresh faces, fresh ideas and a rebirth of true conservatism. That is why Mike Huckabee should stay in the race.

Lastly, John McCain needs to be challenged to the core. McCain has for the past several years poked conservatives in the eye over really important matters. McCain probably will win the nomination, but this is not the time to be jumping on the McCain bandwagon. It is a huge mistake for conservatives to be endorsing McCain at this juncture. The Democratic nomination may process may not be settled until the convention and there is no real hurry for Republicans to be jumping on the McCain bandwagon. John McCain should have to work his heart out to win this nomination and compete for every vote. At the end of the day, it is also very possible that Republicans may decide supporting a conservative (Huckabee) is far better then supporting the moderate John McCain.

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Hastpro said...

Right you are! But don't count Huckabee out until he's really out. The media is doing plenty of that and may wind up with egg on their face again this year.

Huckabee has faith, something too many Americans have no earthly idea about.

If McCain does make it, I only hope he is smart enough to try and get Huckabee to run as vice President. Maybe the two together could squeak out a win in November.

I hate to think what this country would be like after Clinton or Obama has 4 or more years to mess with it. Lord knows it's bad enough now!