Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Time For Romney To Go

Mitt Romney needs to go away. Despite of all the best efforts most of Talk Radio to paint Mitt Romney as a conservative and build this man up, the truly social conservative base of the Republican Party knows that Mitt Romney conservatism only began with his decision to run for the President.

We conservatives loved Ronald Reagan and we love conservatism, but when a Johnny-come- lately shows up just in time to run for President calling himself a Reagan conservative, and quick check of his record reveals he his not only not a conservative, but a NE liberal it’s a little hard to jump on the Romney band wagon and walk away from the true conservative running, that being Mike Huckabee.

For all the talk of standing up for social, economic and national security conservatism, the dirty little secret is that Limbaugh, Hannity and most of the other Talk Radio gang will never say publicly, but privately they are afraid of Huckabee’s open embracement of his Christian faith. They know that if they were to support Huckabee that liberals and Democrats would say that Huckabee is trying to impose Christianity on the country and they would rather not have that fight.

While Reagan understood the importance of social conservatives as one leg of the conservative tri-pod and gave social conservatives a home within the Republican Party, most of the Republican establishment including Talk Radio only want the votes of social conservatives but otherwise they largely ignore them as evidenced by their treatment of Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is the true social conservative in the race and for the Republican establishment and Talk Radio to attempt to build up Romney over Huckabee as a social conservative is revealing of their real distain for social conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean and the gang are true economic and national security conservatives but social conservatism is more of an after thought than a valuable and important component of the conservative tri-pod that Ronald Reagan truly embraced. Ronald Reagan understood that prosperity and freedom that was not tempered by morality and personal responsibility could easily become greed and excess. The value of social conservatives serves a moral compass to a free society.

While social conservatives would never impose religion on anyone it would always point out corruption and dishonesty, right and wrong. Social conservatives truly believe in the sanctity of the life of their fellow human beings which include the womb to the tomb. Social conservatives believe in the rule of law but understand that some laws are unjust and must be opposed.

Social conservatives believe law makers should be honest and above reproach and that they should be men and women of integrity because they represent the people. Social conservatives believe that God should be honored in the public square because they, as the founding fathers really believe that God exists and is actively involved in the lives of the people. Social conservatives beleive the best way to raise children is by mothers and fathers.

Social conservatives oppose government establishing a state church, but they do support the people freely exercising their freedom to worship according to the dictates of their heart. Social conservatives are willing to fight and die for liberty but have little use of evil doers whose actions harm other people.

Mike Huckabee stands solidly on each and everyone of those principals and Mitt Romney does not. It is time for Mitt Romney to leave the stage. If he really has had a change of heart and really has embraced Reagan conservatism then let him come back in 4-8 years and try again. My sense is he will revert back to being the social liberal that he has been and he has just talked the talk in order to try to get elected. I don’t trust Mitt Romney!


Editor said...

Let's start a new slogan:
Mitt should Quit!

A vote for Mitt is a vote for McCain!

Ryan said...

"We conservatives loved Ronald Reagan and we love conservatism, but when a Johnny-come- lately shows up..."

You are aware that Reagan didn't become pro-life until age 56, right?

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely ridiculous. everyone loves to invoke Ronald Reagan's name. do you remember his line, "the government IS the problem". have you heard huckabee or mccain say anything close to this? here Huckabee talks about "making government work" and then you've got mccain who wants the government to control free speech (did you forget mccain feingold?). now i'm not saying romney is perfect, but he's been the only one who has the guts discuss downsizing the goverment, downsizing entitlements, and reminding everyone of the detriments of giving the government more control in our lives because of global warming fears. Mccain & huckabee have a tract record of increasing the size of government and its control. is this what you want in a president?