Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Rise of Hope

The odds of Mike Huckabee winning the nomination are almost impossible. The numbers are stacked against him, the media and Talk Radio personalities are trying to ignor him and professional politicians have jumped on the McCain bandwagon hoping win his favor should somehow he win the Presidentcy.
Despite all the odds Mike Huckabee a man that truly believes in faith, family and freedom marches on, fighting the fight for something far greater than himself. Mike Huckabee fights for the American people. The conservative policies for which he stands lifts up the American people and give them the greatest opportunity to fullfill the purpose in which God as created them.
Tomorrow, James Dobson one of America's great Christian men will stand and endorse Mike Huckabee for President. If there was ever a doubt that Mike Huckabee was not a true social conservative, Dobson's endorsement will erase any doubt from those fair minded people who were not sure about Huckabee's credentials. My hope is those that cast their lot with Mitt Romney will see that they have everything they hoped Romney to be in Mike Huckabee.
Romney was a NE social liberal that supported abortion and gay rights as governor and US Senate candidate in Massachusetts and only started to talk the conservative talk when he decided to run for President. Even thou Talk Radio tried unsucesfuly to paint Romney as a conservative and when he realized he most likely could not win the nomination, he quit the race. If Romney believed in the conservative cause as much as he said, he would never have quit fighting for the conservative cause and the right to lead the country.
Mike Huckabee on the other hand has continued to fight for his vision for the American people when all the pundints said he should quit. With limited resources he has continued to fight the fight beyond all odds and whenever he is allowed to share his vision, people have responded with genuine enthusiasm and loyalty.
Mike Huckabee has taken the sacrafices of those who truly beleive in his vision and will fight for for that vision until the last vote is counted. He will fight for this cause with honor and dignity and moral clarity. While I have great respect for the principals Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity and other Talk Radio conservatives espouse, I have been so very disappointed with thier unfair treatment of Huckabee and their colusion to all support Romney a social liberal simply because they thought he had the best chance of winning.
In the end Huckabee may lose in the nomination process, but he win the hearts and minds of millions. However, the race is not over and if every social conservative decided that Huckabee was their man, they could give Huckabee a miraculous victory by simply going to the ballot box and casting their vote for him. Mitt Romney tried to shut out Huckabee by he and his minions saying Huckabee was unelectable but in the end Romney was the one sent packing. There is an old saying that transsends politics but is also true in politics. If God be for you who can be against you and all things are possible with God.

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John Evo said...

Huckabee is evil and this blogger has proven it pretty conclusively.