Monday, February 18, 2008

I Hate Raw Tomatoes

I hate raw tomatoes. I don’t like them out of a store, out of a garden or in a salad. You can tell me how good they are for my health, how the FDA approves them and what a benefit they serve in a diet. You can have all the endorsements from all pro-tomato eaters you want and even those who marginally like tomatoes. The fact is I hate raw tomatoes and I refuse to eat them.

This Republican primary season reminds of my distain for raw tomatoes. On a daily basis we are being served up a plate of John McCain and told that we should all support him. The reasons given to support McCain go something like this. McCain is better then Hillary or Obama. McCain is strong on national defense. He currently has more delegates then Mike Huckabee, therefore, we should rally around the party to support him. I am amazed at all the me-too-ers that don’t like McCain but have jumped on the McCain train and told me that I should support him too.

What’s even more puzzling is how my fellow tomatoes haters are actually eating the tomatoes. Last summer my wife begged me to try a fresh tomato out of the garden. She assured me how much better a fresh tomato was out of garden instead over a store bought one. So acquiescing to her female charm, I took one bite. The result was stunning. The raw tomato fresh out of the garden was just a nasty as a store bought tomato and I spit that nasty tomato out after one bite. What part of “I hate raw tomatoes” don’t people understand?

I do not hate John McCain or any other Presidential candidate for that matter. I just don’t him to be my President. You can tell me McCain is better then Hillary or Obama which is true, but that’s like saying to me raw tomatoes taste better then worms and beetles both which I refuse to eat as well. That’s not much of a choice for me is it?

Is the tomato (McCain) better then the worm (Hillary) or Obabma (beetle)? I would say most people would agree a tomato is preferable over a worm or a beetle, but if you hate raw tomatoes like I do, there is not much of a difference. However, there are some people that like love raw tomatoes, worms and beetles and I say to them eat away, but please don’t criticize me for not partaking.

I see it like this. Until the tomato gets 1191 delegates, I will continue to eat a nice juicy steak, whom I see as Mike Huckabee. I like Mike. I agree with his policies, his character and his vision. All you tomato-heads can serve me McCain every day and I will stick to my steak thank you very much. If my steak is taken away and my choices are a tomato, a worm or a beetle, I may be forced to choke down the tomato, which I will never-ever-like or I just may refuse to eat at all. But until the tomato gets 1191 delegates I encourage all us steak eaters to vote support Mike Huckabee and tell the tomato-heads “no thank you.”

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