Monday, February 4, 2008

The American People

Ronald Reagan understood that each of the three components of his political coalition, social conservatives, economics conservatives and national defense conservatives could only be held together if each component understood that the love for the American people as its center was the magic of the power of this powerful coalition.

Ronald Reagan embraced social conservatives (people of faith) because he understood that faith, respect for life, traditional family values and a belief in God created were a unifying force that would create a moral compass for the American people. Reagan’s embracement of the Moral Majority lead by the late Jerry Falwell was key because he understood that the morality of a nation that centered on acting in the best interest of the American people would be a powerful force in unifying the people.

Ronald Reagan embraced economic conservatives because he understood that low taxes, free and fair trade, less government and reasonable regulation were the catalyst that would create great economic growth that would be the best way to create opportunity and prosperity of the American people. Reagan would not have been impressed companies that made fortunes for a few at the expense of people. The reason for capitalism was to create the greatest opportunity for as many people as possible. While Reagan embraced modern technology and advancement he always considered American people its greatest resource.

Thirdly, Ronald Reagan understood that protecting the America people was his primary responsibility. Reagan believed that the best way to protect the American people was to have the most powerful military in the world in hopes of never having to use it. However, if it was to ever have to be used it would be so powerful that the enemies of the United States would quickly fall to its overwhelming power to minimize the lives of those who proudly wore the uniform. Reagan understood that Americans must live free and the military’s mission was to protect American’s in American interests around the world.

Ronald Reagan understood that these three components were to act as a tri-pod, each dependent upon the other to hold the American people together. What is clearly apparent is the Republican Party has forgotten that each leg of the tri-pod is as equally important as the other. It’s also apparent they have forgotten that it the American People that the very thing that the tri-pod was built to uphold.

The three Republican candidates in the Presidential race each represent one leg of the pod and the sad reality is if they don’t embrace the other two legs of the pod, the pod will fall and the very thing the pod was created to uphold, The American People, will suffer as a result.

The magic of Reagan is he understood this tri-pod of modern day conservatism and he understood the importance of each leg of the pod and he knew why the tri-pod of social, economic and national security was built and that was to lift up the American people. Republicans must come embrace the tri-pod if they ever hope to lead the American people again.

I think the one person in this race that understands the best is Mike Huckabee. Huckabee's chalenge is to bring the pod together again. I wish him well.

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