Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don’t Let Liberals Intimidate You

Tens of thousands of normal freedom loving Americans join together at Tea Party rallies in protest against a federal government that is too big, too expensive and too intrusive and what is the liberal response? They call these people racist, KKK without robes and hoods, tea baggers and every other insulting and disparaging names and insults they can think of.

In case some are new to making your voice publicly heard through your activism in the political process, you need to know something about how liberals operate in attempting to silence your voice. The use of insults and character assignation is the leading tool that liberals use to try to silence the opposition.

Calling you racist, dumb, stupid, ignorant and comparing you to the KKK is intended to intimidate you and silence your voice. This slander is conceived at the highest levels of the Democrat Party by far left liberals who have their willing minions filter this non-sense down throughout its ranks for the express purpose of ending debate. The far left corrupt liberal main stream media picks up the liberal talking points and only adds heat to the fire.

Calling you a racist is a gimmick the race baiters of the civil rights coalition have used for a long time. This tactic was then picked up by liberals and used against conservatives because it worked. Our first instinct when being called such names is to try to convince the other side you’re not a racist. That’s exactly where liberals want you because now you have stopped making the political argument in defense or promotion of your political ideology and now find yourself defending the charges you a racist. That’s how liberals operate and conservatives need to understand what liberals are doing and fight back against it.

I have a suggestion for conservatives to use against liberals when insulted. Simply say, I know in my heart that I am not a racist. I find it personally insulting and you should be ashamed of yourself for using such character assignations to deflect the fact that liberalism has failed wherever and whenever it is tried. This federal government is too big, too expensive and too intrusive and more government makes all of us less free and that’s the soul reason for my activism. In other words, briefly answer the charge, expose the tactic of liberals and state the reason for your activism. Don’t let liberals intimidate you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spector Should Take Snow and Collins with Him

What is the satisfaction of a victory if you have to sale your soul to the devil to accomplish it? The announcement that Arlan Spector is leaving the Republican Party to join the Democrats does not phase me the slightest. My hope is that fellow liberals Susan Collins and Olympia Snow would join him as well.

For too long Republicans allowed liberals in their midst in the hopes of creating a big tent of diversity and what resulted was a party that stood for nothing. With a veto proof majority the American people will see pure liberalism and socialism for what it always has been. Democrats will no longer be able to blame Republicans for anything because they will retain all the power.

America will soon go into deep decline because liberalism is always a failure and will always be a failure. As American’s become less free, less secure and more enslaved to an intrusive and tyrannical government, my prediction is one by one they will wake up and realize that it was the Democrats and their liberal philosophy that was directly responsible for the decline of America.

Democrats will not have to lie and hide from their liberalism anymore. They are now free to come out and expose themselves for what they are. Yes, Americans will suffer but that is the price we will all have to pay for our apathy and lack of convictions about right or wrong. In a democracy you get what you vote for. If you defend corruption you’ll get corruption. There is now going to be absolute one party rule and Democrats are now in total power. We will now witness what absolute liberalism looks like.

The Republican Party can either role over and play dead or they can rise up and offer the American people a superior political philosophy that when practiced has made Americans since its inception more free, more prosperous, more accountable, more moral, more secure and a place that values the sanctity of each and every human. It wasn’t conservative principles that brought the Republican Party down, it was compromising with liberalism.

The Republican Party will be wise to purge itself of liberals, quit funding liberal politicians and create a new party of bold colors and no pastels as Reagan would say. Once our political enemies have been purged from the party, it can start over with its friends and those who share in its traditional conservative values. From the grass roots a new generation of conservative leaders can emerge and America can be restored to its greatness.

Let today be the beginning of a traditional conservative peaceful revolution. Let this day be our Declaration of Independence.

Friday, March 20, 2009

OBama and His Olive Branch

Incompetence Central, Washington DC. Now that the Iranians shoved President Obama’s Olive Branch back into his face, now what?

President Osama has apparently convinced himself that the power of his personality will turn our nation’s enemies into doves by saying nice things about them. Liberals may have bought Obama’s rhetorical BS, but it’s pretty clear our enemies don’t share Obama’s, “let’s all just be friends” diplomatic approach. The nation had this debate back in the campaign and once again Obama is proven wrong.

Our enemies hate America and the only thing that holds them back from a full frontal attack is not our sincere desire to live in peace with our world neighbors, but the fact we have the ability to destroy them should they try. Our enemies don’t see the nice of Obama. They perceive him as both naive and weak. The Iranians, North Korea and others are not going to stop with their nuclear ambitions. Why should they? It was the Democrats who worked for failure in Iraq and now they hold all the political power.

Here’s my prediction. Iran will soon announce they have nuclear weapons and the Obama administration for all its bluster at the end of the day will do nothing. Liberals have this notion that criminals and our enemies are simply misunderstood and if we just say nice things to them, that they will change their ways.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

High Fives For Obama

President Obama showed great leadership when he demonstrated his displeasure with the spending billed that contained 8,500 ear marks by signing the bill in private. After promising to go line by line of these spending bills and cutting out the ear marks, Obama denied Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the photo opportunity they had hoped for by signing the bill in his private chambers.

The American people can sure be proud of this brave act of leadership of our young President. He stood up to Pelosi and Reid and by golly signed the bill in private. Now that’s Hope and “Change We Can Believe In”. High fives for the President!

The spending bill itself confirmed to the America people just how fiscally responsible the Democrat controlled Congress and White House is and validates the vote of the American people by giving Democrats all the political power. The bill increased government spending by 8 ½ over last years spending and the 8,500 ear marks costing a mere 2 billion dollars was no big deal.

The American people can also be especially proud of the new Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS. The other day he gave a real tongue lashing to corporate types and warned them he would be hot on their tails if they didn’t pay their taxes. He has had a real epiphany about the importance of paying your taxes after recently having to pay up his back taxes that he failed to pay as a condition of becoming head over the IRS.

I think you get the point and if you don’t you must be a Obama voter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cowering Obama

Is President Obama signing the $410 billion spending bill with nearly nine thousand ear marks in private supposed to make any American feel better? This is “Change We Can Believe In”? President Obama was given the perfect opportunity to demonstrate leadership, buy telling lawmakers that in light of the economic crisis and unemployment rate of over 8% to strip the bill of ear marks or he would veto the bill.

Instead he signed it in private as if that somehow demonstrates his displeasure. This is so reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter years when Carter refused to leave the White House in protest of Iran holding American hostages. As with Carter, Obama had the political capital to make a difference, but chose to cower in the shadows and let the injustice continue.

Within two months of taking office Obama has proven himself to be in way over his head on domestic issues and soon he will be faced huge national security issues with Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. If Obama can’t even stand up to selfish politicians, how will he stand up to nations with armies?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israel's Just War

The first responsibility of a just government is to protect its people from foreign and domestic enemies that wish to destroy them. The state of Israel lives in constant threat from its radical Islamic neighbors that seek to destroy them off the face of the earth.

Guided by a religious dogma that aims to impose its religion on all non-islamic individuals and countries through all means including violence is a reality that Israel lives with every day. The big lie in the Arab world is they somehow care about the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian people have been given ampel opportunity to have a homeland but instead have chosen the path of violence and hate. Allowing Hamas to govern the Gaza and attack Israel daily with rocket fire has finally invoked a response from Israel and now they act as though they are victims. The Palestinians are not victims they are suffering under the consequences of their own hate. When you sell your soul to the devil you shouldn't be surprised when you end up in hell.

Israel is totally justified in defending itself and now would be wise to ignor any calls for a cease fire and should destroy Hamas through war, defeat its enemies in order to create peace. Unfortunately, war sometimes becomes the vehicle to peace. War is ugly and innocent people die. That's the realities of war.

The morality of war however depends on its motivation and justification. If war is waged for the purpose of oppressing then it is unjust. If war is waged to protect, defend and free individuals from tirrany then it is just.

Hamas provoked the attack with Israel and now they have to live with its consequences or in this case die as a result of the situation they created. If the Palestinian people ever want to have a homeland they are only going to obtain it through peaceful means and stop the insanity of hatred and violence.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End the Tolerance Insanity

I’m not sure where this idea of tolerance means abandoning that which is good, wholesome, and righteous and just to make some feel better about themselves, but this non-sense has to stop.

A prime example of a city that is so tolerant of everything that they are destroying their once beautiful city is San Francisco California. Tolerance is accepting of that which may be different, not embracing that which is evil, harmful and corrupt.

There is nothing cool about a congregation of homeless people who have ruined their minds through alcohol and drug abuse, living in squallier and poverty. There is no honor in allowing those devastated by mental disorders to be allowed to roam the streets unprotected and live without the medications that would make them sane. There is nothing right about allowing people to destroy their minds with drugs in the public square and not challenging them of its dangers. Worse yet, allowing them to purchase drugs out of a vending machine or giving them a supply of needles.

There is nothing gained by celebrating individuals who have such a twisted view of their sexual identity that they can not even distinguish whether they are male or female. There is nothing noble about allowing women to sale their bodies for money in order to support their drug or alcohol habits. There is nothing good that comes out of a pornographic society.

Look at San Francisco and tell me what good comes out of this “tolerant “ city where even its elected officials embrace this vitiated culture? Allowing this culture to exist unchallenged is not an expression of tolerance it’s down-right cruel. Tolerance not based in morality is anarchy.

San Francisco values as some call it is a social cancer eating away at our society that will bring nothing but ruin lives, despair and hopelessness. I would never want any of my friends and family to live the reality and results of embracing the San Francisco value system.

It’s high time that Americans quit being intimidated by the messengers of this horrible value system that will ultimately destroy everyone in its path. There is nothing cool about the San Francisco value system. It’s disgusting. If you care and love people, you work to lift them up out of bondage not join it.