Friday, March 20, 2009

OBama and His Olive Branch

Incompetence Central, Washington DC. Now that the Iranians shoved President Obama’s Olive Branch back into his face, now what?

President Osama has apparently convinced himself that the power of his personality will turn our nation’s enemies into doves by saying nice things about them. Liberals may have bought Obama’s rhetorical BS, but it’s pretty clear our enemies don’t share Obama’s, “let’s all just be friends” diplomatic approach. The nation had this debate back in the campaign and once again Obama is proven wrong.

Our enemies hate America and the only thing that holds them back from a full frontal attack is not our sincere desire to live in peace with our world neighbors, but the fact we have the ability to destroy them should they try. Our enemies don’t see the nice of Obama. They perceive him as both naive and weak. The Iranians, North Korea and others are not going to stop with their nuclear ambitions. Why should they? It was the Democrats who worked for failure in Iraq and now they hold all the political power.

Here’s my prediction. Iran will soon announce they have nuclear weapons and the Obama administration for all its bluster at the end of the day will do nothing. Liberals have this notion that criminals and our enemies are simply misunderstood and if we just say nice things to them, that they will change their ways.

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