Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spector Should Take Snow and Collins with Him

What is the satisfaction of a victory if you have to sale your soul to the devil to accomplish it? The announcement that Arlan Spector is leaving the Republican Party to join the Democrats does not phase me the slightest. My hope is that fellow liberals Susan Collins and Olympia Snow would join him as well.

For too long Republicans allowed liberals in their midst in the hopes of creating a big tent of diversity and what resulted was a party that stood for nothing. With a veto proof majority the American people will see pure liberalism and socialism for what it always has been. Democrats will no longer be able to blame Republicans for anything because they will retain all the power.

America will soon go into deep decline because liberalism is always a failure and will always be a failure. As American’s become less free, less secure and more enslaved to an intrusive and tyrannical government, my prediction is one by one they will wake up and realize that it was the Democrats and their liberal philosophy that was directly responsible for the decline of America.

Democrats will not have to lie and hide from their liberalism anymore. They are now free to come out and expose themselves for what they are. Yes, Americans will suffer but that is the price we will all have to pay for our apathy and lack of convictions about right or wrong. In a democracy you get what you vote for. If you defend corruption you’ll get corruption. There is now going to be absolute one party rule and Democrats are now in total power. We will now witness what absolute liberalism looks like.

The Republican Party can either role over and play dead or they can rise up and offer the American people a superior political philosophy that when practiced has made Americans since its inception more free, more prosperous, more accountable, more moral, more secure and a place that values the sanctity of each and every human. It wasn’t conservative principles that brought the Republican Party down, it was compromising with liberalism.

The Republican Party will be wise to purge itself of liberals, quit funding liberal politicians and create a new party of bold colors and no pastels as Reagan would say. Once our political enemies have been purged from the party, it can start over with its friends and those who share in its traditional conservative values. From the grass roots a new generation of conservative leaders can emerge and America can be restored to its greatness.

Let today be the beginning of a traditional conservative peaceful revolution. Let this day be our Declaration of Independence.


Anonymous said...

I agree fully. If liberals were purged, maybe the liberaterians and independents would like the Republican party (again)...

Anonymous said...

This post should be in every newspaper in America! Thanks so much for your insight.