Thursday, March 12, 2009

High Fives For Obama

President Obama showed great leadership when he demonstrated his displeasure with the spending billed that contained 8,500 ear marks by signing the bill in private. After promising to go line by line of these spending bills and cutting out the ear marks, Obama denied Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the photo opportunity they had hoped for by signing the bill in his private chambers.

The American people can sure be proud of this brave act of leadership of our young President. He stood up to Pelosi and Reid and by golly signed the bill in private. Now that’s Hope and “Change We Can Believe In”. High fives for the President!

The spending bill itself confirmed to the America people just how fiscally responsible the Democrat controlled Congress and White House is and validates the vote of the American people by giving Democrats all the political power. The bill increased government spending by 8 ½ over last years spending and the 8,500 ear marks costing a mere 2 billion dollars was no big deal.

The American people can also be especially proud of the new Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS. The other day he gave a real tongue lashing to corporate types and warned them he would be hot on their tails if they didn’t pay their taxes. He has had a real epiphany about the importance of paying your taxes after recently having to pay up his back taxes that he failed to pay as a condition of becoming head over the IRS.

I think you get the point and if you don’t you must be a Obama voter.

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