Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cowering Obama

Is President Obama signing the $410 billion spending bill with nearly nine thousand ear marks in private supposed to make any American feel better? This is “Change We Can Believe In”? President Obama was given the perfect opportunity to demonstrate leadership, buy telling lawmakers that in light of the economic crisis and unemployment rate of over 8% to strip the bill of ear marks or he would veto the bill.

Instead he signed it in private as if that somehow demonstrates his displeasure. This is so reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter years when Carter refused to leave the White House in protest of Iran holding American hostages. As with Carter, Obama had the political capital to make a difference, but chose to cower in the shadows and let the injustice continue.

Within two months of taking office Obama has proven himself to be in way over his head on domestic issues and soon he will be faced huge national security issues with Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. If Obama can’t even stand up to selfish politicians, how will he stand up to nations with armies?

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