Wednesday, December 5, 2007

President Mike Huckabee

I am the first to admit that my support for Mike Huckabee was slow in coming. For the past several months, I have quietly supported Huckabee with a few bucks and kept my eye on him in the debates. With each and every debate, Huckabee in my opinion either won the debate or came in a close second. He moved up from a second tiered candidate to the low end of the top tiered guys and now he has moved up to be a contender. You have to love an underdog.

The question I had of Huckabee is he electable? While any of the Republican candidates would be superior to any Democrat running for President, I questioned whether or not Huckabee could get enough name recognition to move up in the field . Due to his grass roots efforts with very little money here he is, a leading contender. I'm impressed.

As a social and economic conservative that believes in a strong national defense, I no longer feel obligated to support a Republican candidate that are not true conservatives. Giuliani may be able to keep our country safe, but he doesn't think that an unborn child is worthy of being protected. Romney was pro-choice but now claims to be pro-life. He's flip-flopped in the right direction, but I question his sincerity. McCain was the darling of the Democrats when he was bashing President Bush , evangelical Christians and supporting positions many Republicans found indefensible and now he is asking for our vote. Fred Thompson I like. He is a conservative that I could support. His problem is he fails to inspire people. The other Republican candidates are good guys, but unelectable. Ron Paul is not a Republican, but a true nut job in my humble opinion and only has support among loony libertarians.

Then there is Mike Huckabee. A decent and nice man with a great sense of humor and a common sense approach to governing. His appeal crosses party lines. Huckabee is Reaganistic in that he portrays a sense of hope and optimism. When you listen to his ideas, it only gets better. I like his Fair Tax Plan. Eliminate all the payroll taxes and have a 23% national sales tax on all new purchases with rebates to the poor. It makes the taxes we pay transparent. Let the government haggle over how to divide up the 23%. No more IRS, no more Washington lobbies trying to gain some sort of tax advantage. It's quite simple. You buy something new you pay your taxes. You earn your money and only pay taxes when make a new purchase. You may say the 23% is too high or too low. The beauty of the Fair Tax Plan is that we get to debate one (1)tax instead of all the hidden federal taxes we currently pay.

Huckabee is a man of faith. He really believes in God and thinks that people of all faiths should be free to exercise their faith publicly and privately. Huckabee understands that the sanctity of life extends from the womb to the tomb. Criminals should be punished and law abiders should be protected. Huckabee understands the threat that radical Islam poses to America and the need for a strong national defense. Huckabee understands that the traditional family is the best way to raise children, but compassion and loving your neighbor as yourself are true Christan and American virtues that should be promoted. I like his platform of faith, family and freedom.

For the past 8 years Democrats have been successful at demoralizing our nation. They have lusted for political power and what have they done with that power. Nothing. What do they plan on doing with their political power? Unleash a gauntlet of liberalism on our nation and forever change our country for the worse. One only has to look at the street fairs in San Francisco to see where liberal Democrats want to take our country.

America has also watched corrupt Republicans squander their opportunity to govern as conservatives. Huckabee would give wayward Republicans the opportunity to redeem themselves and govern as true conservatives.

Huckabee offers America optimism, hope and a vision of a better tomorrow. I wish him well.


rick said...

From what I heard in the past debates I once again see that
Ron Paul was right on Iran. The NIE report pretty much supports Paul.
BTW, Huckabee was clueless when asked about the NIE report.
Maybe Huck is the REAL nutcase.

MARK said...

Huckabee is smooth dangerous man.

Huck knows the FAIRTAX plan is a farce -- or he should know it. Either way, that's the biggest problem I have with Huckabee.

Sure, Fairtax sounds great. If it worked, like Huck says, who WOULDNT be for it?

But its a FARCE, literally a farce.

For one thing, it would be the highest sales tax on earth.

Thats not so bad, but it would apply this highest sales tax on earth to things like your rent, and even to your car insurance.

Working poor people would be devestated with this "fair" tax. Suddenly, they would pay the worlds highest sales tax on their rent.

And on their utility bills.

And on their gasoline purchases.

And on their food.

And on their medical cost.

And on their car insurance.

What if you were working poor, and got sick? Maybe you have to sell an asset or borrow money to pay for your cancer surgery. However you get the money -- you would have to pay a SALES tax -- the worlds HIGHEST sales tax - on your cancer surgery.

And on your chemotherapy.

And on your hospital stay.

Plus -- you have to pay that worlds highest sales tax on your rent.

And on your utility bill.

There will be many people who would face sales taxes HIGHER than their income.

Some people just don't grasp that. They say "oh, the sales tax is only 23%, it can't possibly be larger than a person's income"

Oh yes it can -- and will be. On things like a new house, on cancer surgery, things which cost a lot.

Wanna buy a new car? Sales taxes in some areas are already 9%, already 3,000 dollars sales tax on many cars. Wait till Fairtax comes -- try 10,000 in sales tax.

Wait till your dream home has a SALES tax of 150,000 dollars, JUST for the tax.

Do you seriously think the worlds HIGHEST sales tax -- applied incredibly to new homes -- would not impact the sale of new homes?

What about a nursing home patient, who has alzheimers, and has a pension of 900 a month. They would have to pay 30,000 a year -- over 2000 a mont, just in SALES taxes.

Oh - you say they wouldnt pay that tax. Who would? Someone HAS to. Fairtax math depends on getting 500 billion from taxing people on their medical cost. Fairtax has a huge 500 billion dollar whole in their budget, just from this impossiblity. They CAN NOT get 500 billion from taxing people on their medical cost.

Fairtax has more absurdities. Here is an 800 billion dollar absurdity -- fairtax nonsense idea that it will just make the federal government ITSELF pay these huge taxes.

Don't believe me? Read page 148 of the fairtax book. "The federal government ITSELF will become a MAJOR taxpayer."

Oh -- really? Well you can make the Pentagon write the US Treasury a check for billions in sales tax if you like, but since the US treasury has to PAY the check, its a farce. No money can possibly be created that way.

Huck knows all this. Huck knows Fairtax is a farce.

Here is another oddity about your Fairtax --

The Fairtax leaders know its a Farce. They know they can't really make the federal government pay itself 800 cents, much less 800 billion dollars.

They know that they can't really make nursing home patients pay 30,000 in sales taxes, nor cancer victims.

They know that.

THey know its a farce. They aren't really pushing it in Congress.

They have been pretending to want this tax for 15 years now. They have raised a lot of money, and sold a lot of books. But they haven't had one hearing in congress.

They have spent a lot of money on "research" which is made up nonsesen. They didnt do any research. They hired some guys to tell how wonderful it is -- not research at all.

One guy they hired, Jorgenson, actually came out AGAINST the Fairtax, so they quit using him.

But he is the guy that said there is 22% embedded taxes on things. But he ALSO says prices won't go down under fairtax -- they would GO UP.

Fairtax doesnt tell you that kind of thing.

Fairtax is Farce, which is never going to pass.

That's a shame. I wish Fairtax would pass, cause it would be very instructional on a lot of levels, to pass it.

But the Fairtax leaders arent about to LET it pass. They know more than the opponents that its a farce. The LAST thing Fairtax leaders want, is for this to pass.

Ironic -- I know.