Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Playing Politics With Our National Security

There is an old adage that says " divide and conquer." The Democrats clearly played a superior game of it in the last election and they won back both houses of Congress as a result. They separated the American people from the President's policy in the war in Iraq with their constant pessimism and criticism and they accomplished their goal of winning back Congress.
Their next goal is to win back the White House in 2008. Their divide and conquer strategy worked so well this last time around that I'm sure they will try it again. Who knows, it might even work again. While the Democrats gleefully decorate their new offices and give each other high-fives for winning back Congress, what they fail to realize is they also made America less safe.

A divided country does not help during a time of war. One either forgets or doesn't care what happened the last time our country was divided over a war. After we left Vietnam, millions upon millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians were slaughtered by the communist. So what, at least they weren't Americans some would say. Let's be reminded that over seventy-five thousand Americans soldiers lost their lives in Vietnam too? The sad truth is all those Americans that lost their lives and died in vain because we lost our will to fight. Not only did our soldiers die, millions of others were tortured, raped and murdered as a result. That's a heartening thought.
I am totally convinced that Democrats want their countrymen to lose in Iraq. They will never publicly admit it, but it doesn't serve their interest should we be victorious. Why do I make such a brazen statement. Ask yourself what is the Democrats counter strategy to the Bush policy in Iraq? Secondly, name one stage of this process have the Democrats ever been supportive?
A true disagreement of policy is one thing, but where is the alternative? Redeploying to Hawaii or Kuwait is not a strategy for victory. Cutting off funding for the war? How will that bring victory. That's called retreat and surrender.
I think the Democrats are counting that after we leave Iraq, that pretty much like the Communist in Vietnam that they may kill their own, but leave us pretty much alone. What they obviously don't understand is that radical Islam doesn't mind at all bringing their Jihad to America.
So enjoy your victory Democrats, you succeeded at dividing on conquering the people from the Commander and Chief and made America less safe in the process. Sleep well.

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