Friday, December 28, 2007

Huckabee's Challenge

Governor Huckabee is now being tested by fire. As a seconded tiered candidate no one paid much attention to him, but now that he has risen to one of the top two Presidential candidates the scrutiny is intense and in many cases unfair.

His challenge is to find a way to define himself as well and not allow his opponents to define him. Huckabee has done a great job defining himself as the true social conservative in the Republican field. Now he needs define himself as a economic and national security conservative. My advise to Governor Huckabee is to go into the den of the of the conservative lions and explain his policies as Governor of Arkansas and what he will do has President.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, Bill O'Reily, Ann Coulter and other prominent conservatives will give him a fair hearing while challenging him. I am convinsed that Huckabee would do well in those forums and would be treated with respect. He could also shore up the social conservative base by meeting with the likes of James Dobson and others. While some of them may have already endorsed other candidates in the primaries, he will have their support if he wins the nomination.

Another suggestion would be to portray himself as the front runner and invite the other candidates to one on one debates. This would show him as Presidential and allow the undecided to see him in action. This will hone his skills as he prepares to take on the Democrats.

In order to be called the best, you must be willing to play the best. The polls suggest they are seriously considering Huckabee. He now has the opportunity to take the challenge and prove he is the total conservative package. I wish him well.

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