Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I Will Vote McCain

Dear friend,

I have done what I can do to persuade everyone I know why they should not vote for Barrack Obama. Today, I want to explain the reasons why I will cast my vote for John McCain and try to persuade you to do the same.

My support for John McCain has not come easy. I am a social, economic and national security conservative. I have felt over the years that John McCain had betrayed his party and by siding with Democrats. I disagreed with McCain on a number of issues and to be honest he was about 5th on my list of those whom I wanted to be my President.

John McCain won the Republican nomination and my guy lost. I was faced with a choice, would I support the Democratic nominee, sit home and not vote or vote for John McCain. It’s the same choice every other voter has.

To be honest, I am one of many Republicans that have been very unhappy with my party. Some Republicans turned out to be corrupt and the Republican Party did not practice fiscal responsibility and spent way too much of the peoples money. What I also know is that way too many Democrats are corrupt too and Democrats enjoy spending the people’s money like drunken sailors as well. Both parties despite all the rhetoric have been equal opportunity offenders both ethically and fiscally. I am personally sick and tired of corrupt politicians and all those that defend them. Corruption and incompetency are destroying this nation and Republican and Democrats have both been guilty. I don’t care at this point which side has been more corrupt, I am just sick of corruption.

So far this is not a ringing endorsement of John McCain is it? My transformation for John McCain started with the Presidential Forum at Rick Warren’s Saddle Back church when both he and Barrack Obama were asked the same questions that were more than opportunities for canned answers but explored and challenged each man’s thinking. From my perspective John McCain echoed my values and Barrack Obama did not. McCain, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-traditional values, limited government, strong role models ect. Barrack Obama liberal on every issue.

Now, I am leaning slightly for McCain. To be intellectually honest, Barrack Obama forever lost my vote at Saddle Back. His answer on the life issue saying such questions about when life should be protected was above his pay grade sent chills down my spine. His answer revealed that in Obama’s world view the definition of life is determined by public opinion. I can’t get past the holocaust mentality that said Jews were subhuman and deserving of death and that the dehumanization of another human being led to the slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent women, men and children whose only crime was the God they served.

The same warped mentality allowed blacks to be treated as subhuman and the same warped mentality allows abortion on demand calling it reproduction rights. Abortion is America’s national shame. I feel sorry for the women that find themselves with unwanted pregnancies, but I loath those who have pushed the notion that the unborn are not humans deserving of their right to life.

Although I would no longer consider Obama, I was still unsure of John McCain. My next test was who would be his VP choice. I kept hearing Mitt Romney’s name. While many conservatives liked Romney, I was not one of them. As a Governor of a liberal state, Romney supported abortion rights and gay rights, but since supposedly has had a conservative conversion. Maybe he did, but I am suspicious of election year conversions and I was preparing myself for the first time in my adult life, sitting out the election should McCain select Romney as VP.

Then McCain made a bold, historic and tremendous choice in choosing Sarah Palin. A solid conservative who possesses all the values and principles that are near and dear to me as a social, economic and national security conservative. The fact she fought corruption in her own party, was a mayor, governor and had a life story similar to average Americans drew me in. My respect for John McCain for making such a wise choice grew by leaps and bounds. It was at that point I for the fist time became a supporter of John McCain.
Then there was the Republican Convention when the real John McCain was introduced to the nation. To hear his story as a prisoner of war and how it shaped his life and world view helped me to understand the man. John McCain is a national hero that truly puts his country first. While I may not always agree with him, he has the good of the nation in his heart. I trust John McCain. After putting all the pieces of the puzzle together the true portrait of the man has emerged. John McCain is man of honesty, character, courage and integrity. I trust him to do his best to protect my family and my nation. John McCain will challenge Washington DC to reform and he will surround himself with like minded people who also are striving to put country first. All I can ask my President to do is to do his best, place our country before person gain, protect and defend the Constitution and secure the liberties and freedoms we all enjoy.

John McCain the portrait of the man is complete. You can trust John McCain. Barrack Obama’s portrait is not complete. There are too many questions left unanswered and what little we know about him does not warrant our trust. I respectively ask that you vote for John McCain to be our next President of this great nation. John McCain has won my trust, respect and my vote.


Mark Giglia


Merge Divide said...

" Abortion is America’s national shame."

I completely disagree with you. Unwanted children are this country's national shame. Instead of voting for candidates that you aren't enthusastic about, and who aren't going to do anything to end abortion... why don't you adopt some unwanted children instead. This will go a long way to solving the problem.

Mark G said...


It's difficult to adobt a child if they are dead.

However, I will agree with you that adobtion of unwanted children will go a long way in solving the problem. The reason many people don't adobt is because of the cost. Love is free, but the cost adoption is a prohibited reason many do not adobt.

Jake said...

Ron Paul