Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's Lack of Foreign Policy Experience

Sarah Palin should answer the foreign policy question this way. " As Barrack Obama, he and I both do not have extensive foreign policy experience. He leads the ticket and I am the Vice presidential nominee. John McCain on the other hand has a tremdendous amount of foreign policy experience and he knows the world and is one of the world's foremost experts on the subject.

If something tragic was to happen to John McCain and I was thrust into the role as President, I would surround myself with the best foreign policy advisers in the country in order to get the best advice possible. I would then use that advice and apply my common sense conservative principals and sound judgement to whatever the situation. I intend to learn from John McCain and if elected by the American people, I will gain the experience and a deeper understanding of the complex world in which we live.

The difference between the McCain/Palin ticket and the OBama/Biden ticket is that Barrack Obama and Joe Biden continually make unsound judgements that is dangerous for America.
Example, Barrack Obama not only opposed the war but voted to cut off funding to our troops during a time of war . Barrack Obama and Joe Biden both opposed the surge and if they had thier way, the troops would have left in retreat and defeat. John McCain knowing the importance of victory in Iraq put his country first despite all the opinion polls and because of his committment and expertise, we are confident that the Iraq war will end in victory and our troops will come home with the honor they deserve.

Furthermore, Barrack Obama will not admit the surge was a sucess and he keeps argueing his opposition to go to war as thou it is even a relavant question at this point. The decision to go to war has made long ago and the question now is not whether we should go or not go, but how do we win the war and bring our troops home in victory and honor. Barrack Obama's answer to his oppostion is to retreat and accept defeat. That is not a option John McCain or I will accept.

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