Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Power

Sarah Palin came out of know nowhere and has single handily ignited the conservative movement in this great country of ours. She is one of us which scares liberals so bad that they simply don't know what to do.

Liberals started with attacks on her experience until they realized she has more then the standard bearer of their party, Barrack Obama. They then went down the personal character attack road which has blew up in their faces because Palin is a decent, honest, God and family loving mother, wife and patriot who puts her country above politics. Palin is hugely popular in Alaska with an approval rating of 80%. Her speech at the Republican Convention will go down as one of the best political speeches ever given given in American history.

Palin is the embodiment of what conservatives are all about. She is the real deal. Conservatives now have someone they can point to and say if you want to know what a conservative is, look at Sarah. Is she perfect? No. Is she Jesus Christ and our Savior? No. Sarah Palin is a incredibly smart and gifted lady who knows how to love her family, respect her neighbor, stand against evil and corruption and lead a city, state and nation. Her common sense approach to leadership is guided by real life experience, a profound faith in God, sense of civic duty and a keen understanding how the economy and our culture works best.

Liberals thought they could destroy her by pointing out that in spite of her traditional views on sex before marriage her daughter got pregnant. What Palin demonstrated is that you can still love and support your daughter in spite of a bad decision and still respect and honor the life of a unborn child. When Palin found out that her own unborn child had Down Syndrome, she didn't rush off and abort the child because it wasn't perfect. She embraced her unborn child with challenges as she did every one of her other children. She loves that baby unconditionally and views the baby with whatever challenges the baby has a special gift from God.

Instead of liberals celebrating her choice, they curse her because she doesn't accept their premise that killing your unborn child is some special right that a woman should have. The pure possibility that this so called right of a woman to abort their offspring may be coming to an end, drives these liberal feminist over the edge. Furthermore, the fact that another woman may be the one leading the pro-life movement threatens them. Palin who should be celebrated by women and feminist for demonstrating that women are every man's equal and every bit as capable as men is being castigated and attacked because she does not support abortion.

It's been said that John McCain is respected by the American people, but Sarah Palin is loved by the people. This love affair with Palin by conservatives is not an attack on McCain, but an affirmation of his leadership and acknowledgement of his genuine love of his country. The pick of Palin not only lifts up John McCain, it lifted up and inspired a people beat down by continual attacks from liberals.

On November 4th, it will be the people's turn to have their say as to who will lead this country for the next four years. It is my hope the people will elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. Should John McCain win and will be in large part because of the power that Sarah Palin brought to the ticket.

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