Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End the Tolerance Insanity

I’m not sure where this idea of tolerance means abandoning that which is good, wholesome, and righteous and just to make some feel better about themselves, but this non-sense has to stop.

A prime example of a city that is so tolerant of everything that they are destroying their once beautiful city is San Francisco California. Tolerance is accepting of that which may be different, not embracing that which is evil, harmful and corrupt.

There is nothing cool about a congregation of homeless people who have ruined their minds through alcohol and drug abuse, living in squallier and poverty. There is no honor in allowing those devastated by mental disorders to be allowed to roam the streets unprotected and live without the medications that would make them sane. There is nothing right about allowing people to destroy their minds with drugs in the public square and not challenging them of its dangers. Worse yet, allowing them to purchase drugs out of a vending machine or giving them a supply of needles.

There is nothing gained by celebrating individuals who have such a twisted view of their sexual identity that they can not even distinguish whether they are male or female. There is nothing noble about allowing women to sale their bodies for money in order to support their drug or alcohol habits. There is nothing good that comes out of a pornographic society.

Look at San Francisco and tell me what good comes out of this “tolerant “ city where even its elected officials embrace this vitiated culture? Allowing this culture to exist unchallenged is not an expression of tolerance it’s down-right cruel. Tolerance not based in morality is anarchy.

San Francisco values as some call it is a social cancer eating away at our society that will bring nothing but ruin lives, despair and hopelessness. I would never want any of my friends and family to live the reality and results of embracing the San Francisco value system.

It’s high time that Americans quit being intimidated by the messengers of this horrible value system that will ultimately destroy everyone in its path. There is nothing cool about the San Francisco value system. It’s disgusting. If you care and love people, you work to lift them up out of bondage not join it.

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