Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rush Limbaugh is Wrong About Huckabee

Rush Limbaugh is a great conservative. He has done more to advance the conservative ideology than virtually anyone on the planet. It is not often I disagree with Rush, but when it comes to saying that Mike Huckabee is not a conservative he is simply wrong.

It is true that gas taxes were raised in Arkansas by three cents a gallon which Huckabee and 80% of the public supported. As a conservative American, there some things that the government should do with my tax dollars. One is to protect its citizens from both foreign and domestic enemies. This includes defending our citizens against criminals and foreign powers. Another legitimate role of government is to ensure that we have a solid infrastructure of good roads, highways, bridges, sewer and water systems. As a benevolent society having a limited safety net for those who can not survive without help is a compassionate thing to do. Collectively supporting the concept that our society is better off if all its citizens have the opportunity to a quality education are are all conservative principals.

Conservatives believe in a limited role of government, strong national defense, low taxes, restrained spending, promotion of traditional family and moral values. Mike Huckabee believes in all those principals. For Rush to say he's not a conservative because he does not apply those principals in the same way Rush would is unfair. Saying that Mike Huckabee is not a conservative is like saying Rush is not a conservative because Limbaugh has been divorced several times and been hooked on pain pills for a time in his life. What would be fair is for Limbaugh to say Huckabee is a moderate to slight of center economic conservative, but to say he is a liberal is simply not true.

Rush Limbaugh is a great American and he does a great job of defending and articulating conservatism, but in the case about Mike Huckabee this is one time is simply wrong. Mike Huckabee is a conservative. He may may not be as right some would like him to be on some issues, but he is by definition a true conservative.

Mike Huckabee has something else going for him that the others candidates either do not have or have to a lesser degree. He has the ability to take his brand of conservatism and inspire people. We often mention Ronald Reagan. What made Ronald Reagan so effective is that he inspired Americans with his ability to reach people at their souls and then solidified that passion with his conservative values. Mike Huckabee does the same thing for many people.

I think after years of being told by Democrats that America is bad and the source of the world's problems, Huckabee's appeal is that he as the ability to make Americans feel good to be Americans again. As Reagan Mike Huckabee brings with him a conservatism that is inspiring.

I wish Rush would re-evaluate and realize that Huckabee is one of us. True conservatives.

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