Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Could It Be Huckabee and Obama?

Hillary is in a free fall and Democrats by the score are enthusiastically jumping off the Hillary train to support Obama. Hillary is having a melt down and may not survive past super Tuesday.
Democrats are asking themselves why support Hillary when they can support a guy who holds to the same policies as Hillary but doesn't come with all the baggage the Clinton's will bring to the general campaign.

Obama is likable, full of fire in his belly and he inspires his base. Hillary is non of the above and when given a clear choice, Obama seems to be their guy. Obama is a honest liberal. Hillary talks out of both sides of her mouth and people are sick of it. What worked for Bill isn't working for Hillary because Hillary is no Bill Clinton.

On the other side there is the come from nowhere guy Mike Huckabee that is doing for the Republican base what Obama is doing for the Democrat base. Huckabee is likable, has fire in the belly and inspires his supporters. Huckabee's appeal swings between social conservatives, moderates and independents. As with Obama, he says he is the agent of change.

Both men are men of integrity and would rather inspire people to vote for them instead of attacking the other person. Both the Republicans and Democrats are starting to embrace these positive strategies and time will tell if it works.

If Huckabee and Obama win their party nomination it will shape up as a classic contest between classic liberals and traditional conservative political philosophies. Americans may have the opportunity to examine the philosophies of each party without the personal character attacks. This would be good for America. I believe if this is the case, then Mike Huckabee will be the next President.

Although Obama is a good guy, his policies would be disastrous for our country. My hope is that America has such a debate and these are two guys whose appeal crosses party lines that can make their cases for their respective points of view. This race is getting exciting.


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How can I help Mike Huckabee be elected as the next President of the United States?